AJN Communication it’s :

3 poles of expertise : advice and strategy, visual identity, packaging and print, internet and multimedia ;
10 experienced people whom have a unique know-how ;
an agency trained of the local realities.

AJN Communication, a eclectic team of the service of the professionals

The strenght/force of the agency? the difference…
A team of 10 people coming from complementary horizons is able to answer of the companies exigence who want an innovative and effective communication, from the small structure to the big groups.

Our business : communication advice

What you wished to be equipped with a Website, to define a communication strategy, to realize an advertising campaign for the launching of a new product, to create your graphic charter, to write your supports of press or to value your image. AJN Communication will know how to you satisfy the client.
Our expertise allows us to define with you the key elements of your strategy and to create your projects.

Global Communication Agency

We support you on your problems of communication, imagine and build complete projects to answer your waits.